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Ghada Zuhair Abukuwaik HeadshotThe path to independent pharmacy ownership
“What I love the most about working at a community pharmacy is the power of integrity. With this trait, we are able to help the underserved population and walk the extra mile to give back to those in need. The experience I’ve gained from working in a community pharmacy has allowed me to widen my perspective in the field and strive to provide equality.”

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The National Association of Insurance Commissioner's Pharmacy Benefit Manager Regulatory Issues Subgroup has released a first draft of its PBM model legislation. Still a work in progress, the draft language would require PBMs to obtain a license from the state's insurance.

In a letter to CMS, NCPA and almost 40 long-term care pharmacy related organizations asked CMS to formally recognize and promote medical-at-home pharmacy services to help improve value-based patient care during and beyond the COVID-19 public health emergency.

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