RxOwnership | Expert Advisors for Buying, Starting, or Selling a Pharmacy

Ensuring the smooth transfer of pharmacy ownership

Pharmacy ownership transfer has never been more complex. With that in mind, RxOwnership® was created with one purpose: to help pharmacy professionals with the sale, purchase or transfer of independent pharmacies.

RxOwnership brings together the unmatched expertise of McKesson with the dedication of our ownership advisors to support the needs of current and future pharmacy owners. Whether you’re looking to sell a chain of pharmacies that’s been in your family for generations, or purchase your very first pharmacy business, RxOwnership is the ultimate resource for everything from planning to staffing.

How and why we started

In 2007, we discovered that many of our long-time customers and prospective owners had few tools or resources to help them get answers they could trust when they were ready to buy, start or sell a pharmacy.

Since then, the RxOwnership program has recruited a skilled team of ownership advisors to manage the growing demand for RxOwnership services on a regional level. Today, the team works closely with their customers and McKesson Field Sales, Marketing, Analytics and Finance to help with nearly every aspect of buying or selling a pharmacy.

Since the start of the program, the RxOwnership team has helped more than 6,000 pharmacy owners through the pharmacy transition/ownership process.

No-fee, experienced advising for every phase of your pharmacy career

There is no service quite like RxOwnership. We’re not a broker. Instead, we are here to share our industry expertise and facilitate your ownership goals. We never charge a fee and there are no obligations or contracts to sign. Owners already working with brokers, or in discussions with chains, can often still collaborate with RxOwnership.

RxOwnership services:

Comprehensive resources

  • Market intelligence
  • Business considerations
  • Creating a plan
  • Step-by-step guidance
  • Resource links

Individualized matching services

  • Help buyers find prospective sellers
  • Help sellers identify a buyer who wants to carry on the work of an established community pharmacy
  • Help all customers avoid pitfalls

Financing options

  • Ballpark valuations
  • Inventory credit
  • Assistance with financing*

*McKesson does not guarantee financing