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RxOwnership brings together the trusted expertise of McKesson with the commitment of our ownership advisors to support the success of current and future pharmacy owners.

Whether you’re looking to sell a pharmacy that’s been in your family for generations, or buy your very first pharmacy, RxOwnership is your comprehensive resource to plan and reach your ownership goals.

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Ready to start?

When you’re ready to start your first pharmacy, we’re here to help every step of the way.

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How women leaders broke the bias

In honor of International Women’s Day, three McKesson leaders sat down to discuss bias in the workplace and how they’ve handled it and overcome these biases throughout their careers.

Women in Pharmacy — Own It

Find regular updates, resources and success stories to support women in pharmacy. We’ll cover topics including leadership, mentoring opportunities, breaking barriers, work/life balance and future opportunities to get involved in pharmacy ownership. Get involved

Samantha Buck HeadshotFrom Pharmacist to Entrepreneur: Pursuing a Career in Pharmacy Ownership
"We never really knew how to get started even though ownership was our eventual goal. And then over time we continued to look into our options until things just seemed to fall into place where we knew what was supposed to happen next. The paperwork, working with the board of pharmacy, finding the space, and just getting everyone together fell so nicely into place that you couldn’t say no to it.”

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