As an independent pharmacy owner, you may be thinking, “When should I start preparing to sell my pharmacy?”. Or perhaps you’re interested in discovering the estimated value of your independent pharmacy before you start planning to sell?

Simply fill out the short form below, and gain access to our resource webinars from our very own RxOwnership® advisors that will walk you through the steps you need to take at different milestones.

Here’s a list of our current webinar resources:

  • Short-Term Financing
  • Alternative Revenue Streams – Becoming a Medicare Agent
  • Improve Cash Flow Through Inventory Management
  • Expanding Into Long-Term Care
  • Pharmacy File Acquisitions
  • Financing Options 101
  • Boosting Your Pharmacy’s Revenue Cycle with Payment Reconciliation
  • 340B and Contract Pharmacy
  • 10 Areas of Focus for a Successful Ownership Transfer
  • 10 Things to Know When Buying a Pharmacy
  • Telepharmacy: Understanding the ins and outs
  • File by Acquisition: The ins and outs
  • Pharmacy Valuation 101
  • Pharmacy Finance 101
  • The Importance of a Business Plan

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